About Us

Roger B. Seely’s Landscape Nursery 

HOW IT STARTED… Roger graduated from OSU in 1969 with a BS in Landscape Horticulture and a minor in Landscape Architecture. After graduation, he served in the army and was sent to Germany, where he traveled extensively. Being able to speak French and German enabled Roger to visit many gardens that the typical tourist does not get to see.  Upon returning to the USA, he started German Village Landscape in 1970 and specialized in dwarf conifers and landscapes with that ‘Old World Charm’. In 1978, he started the German Village Garden Garage, which specialized in perennials, annuals, herbs (over 125 varieties), spring and summer flowering bulbs, water plants (first in Columbus to grow and retail water plants), and the use of tropical plants outside in the garden.


IN 1988… he out grew German Village and moved his design offices and garden center to Hilliard and combined them with his existing nursery (Seely’s Plant Ranch) to form Seely’s Landscape Nursery/German Village Landscape.

In the early nineties, with his newly expanded nursery, he began to incorporate a multitude of plants from the following groups into his landscape designs: spring bulbs, summer bulbs, tropical foliage and flowering plants, annuals, perennials, woody flowering shrubs, wild flowers, water plants, shade and flowering trees, evergreens, alpines, stepables and his favorite, dwarf conifers.

In the late 1990’s… through his son, Roger, Jr.’s love and interest in hostas, Roger began to cultivate a propensity for shade gardening with a major emphasis on the use of hosta in combination with other shade loving plants; and recently, with the raise in popularity in backyard water gardens; Roger and Roger Jr. have incorporated yet another facet of landscape gardening into their designs.

In the early 2000’s… Roger, Sr.’s second son, Jered, came on board and allowed us to further enhance our construction design with his love for architecture and building.  Our patios, seating walls, fire pits, walkways, arbors and outdoor kitchens reflect this love of constructing.

NOW.. Seely’s Landscape Nursery is a 17-acre facility, located at 3265 Walcutt Road, Hilliard, Ohio, and carries more than 3500 varieties of plants, of which over 600 are hosta. Roger is also proud of his extensive dwarf conifer collection, which range in age of 1 to 50 years old and are also available to the retail public.

Come see our nursery and see why and how we are “Making America Beautiful One Yard at a Time”